Why TeenFit?

In a world that is so fast paced, our time to stop and be healthy is diminishing. It is important to have this scheduled into your life to invest for later. At TeenFit, we are able to show you the healthy habits that will carry on for a lifetime. You'll feel better - you're body is designed to move, having both mental and physical benefits. You'll build confidence - by starting the program you are setting a goal to be healthy. You won't get burnout - variety is our focus. But above all, you are investing in your health for a lifetime - building a healthy habit now is saving you in the future.

About Teen Fit

Teen Fit is fitness programs specifically for high school students, from Year 7 through to Year 12. We understand that finding the time or the motivation to take yourself out and exercise can be hard after a long day at school. Big gyms can be daunting for a high school student especially when you have no experience using the equipment. We want teenagers to enjoy being active and help to develop and instill good healthy practices that will help them to lead a healthy lifestyle later in life.

Our Trainers

Teen Fit trainers are young, energetic and enthusiastic fitness professionals. Our main aim is to help our students achieve their fitness goals whilst having fun and enjoying working out. Our trainers will act as mentors to the students and as well as offering fitness instruction can also offer other advice, such as nutritional advice.

Our Facilities

Teen Fit operates its programs in the great outdoors - local parks and convenient locations close to your school and home! We have all the equipment necessary to provide an extensive training session all while you are able to enjoy being out of the house and out of the class room spending time with friends. Please contact us for more information about our program locations.